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Update by user Apr 26, 2012

Recently found out the CEO and President of American Resort Development Association is Howard Nusbaum 202-371-6700 email

I think I need to call him and let him on this transaction. Or lack of a transaction....

Original review posted by user Apr 26, 2012

We signed in to Transfer on the Spot,Transfer America in Nov 2010, now its late April 2012 and I still own the timeshare and the taxs have not been paid for the year. When I call I get the run around not they tell me the resort wouldn't ok the transfer. NOW what hows tending the bar and whats in the future? Will this sale and transfer ever happen? There are alot of unanswerd questions and alot of people on he other end of the phone with no anwers.

I have been consulting lawyers for next best action to resolve this. All of them sugested to contact the Attorney General. Working on that also.

Hope to see an end to this some day. April 26,2012


Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Have you contacted the American resort Association, Howard Nusbaum?

I did get response from California Attorney General Office, they are collecting complaints on Transfer America, so if you have not done, please do it ASAP


They have been transferring my timeshare for 18 months now. They did not pay maintenance fee as per agreement.

They are a SCAM.

I have written to Attorney General, California State. Suggest to do the same.

to simiral #612451

Signed "Agreement" with TA on 10/25/2010 for $5,500 and have paid receipt to show it. To date no results for TA's Guaranteed Timeshare Relief Solution.

Transfer has been assigned twice. Once to Elite Resorts Transfers and second time to Pacific Property Transfer. Maintenance fees have not been paid by TA per Agreement and now have been turned over to credit company. Continually contact all 3 but get run around.

Leave messages for return call but it never comes. Have been hung up on several times. Emails never get answered.

TA is a scam company and most likely a shell company. These peole should be class action sued, make remediation and put in jail.

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